Tactical Training Facility Tour

About the Tactical Training Facility


 The Airsoft Arena - Tactical Training Facility is a unique INDOOR URBAN ENVIRONMENT designed to mimic real life urban settings. Buildings include;  an Office, an Apartment, a Bank, a Power-station and Helipad just to name a few. The overall space is augmented with dark corners and shadow filled alleys with the intent of creating a fully realistic training  environment and experience. Several buildings have been constructed for  full force breaching exercises and timed target aggression sequences.  Unlike video training systems, the Airsoft Arena - Tactical Training Facility allows  for Force on Force, man-to-man training individually, or in teams. The large almost 30,000 Sq/Ft facility allows for multiple training areas to be used at one time. Thus, allowing more individuals more active time training in multiple scenarios. The overall cost ranges from $25 to $60 per person,  depending on your equipment needs.   The Airsoft Arena - Tactical Training Facility has  equipment available for Departments, Agencies or Classes that do not already own Airsoft based training replicas or Umarex T4E Training  Equipment.

Contact us at sales@ahq-ss.com to arrange a tour of the facility, or to schedule your private training session. Offered in 5Hr block M-F 8am to 6pm.