Training Force on Force with T4E

In the world of Law Enforcement Training Equipment the most notable advantage of the Umarex T4E system is the cost and cost to operate. The T4E system will have a cost per round fired at approx 6 to 8 1/2 cents and a sim system is between .65 to .80 cents a round fired. For less than the cost of 3000 sim rounds (approx $2000+) an agency can purchase 2 TM-4 rifles, 4 extra magazines, 200 CO2 capsules and 8000 rounds of ammo or  6 T4E Walther PPQ M2 pistols, 6 additional magazines, 200 CO2 capsules and 8000 rounds of Powder or Paintballs.


The LE cost of the TM-4 is approx $599 this includes the TM-4, magazine, heavy carry/storage case and an additional bolt assembly. The cost of additional magazines is approx $55. Each additional bolt assembly is available for approx $30. The CO2 is $8 for a box of 12. The .43 caliber ammo (powder, and paintballs) is $28 for a 430 count package or in a bulk box of 8000 is $230 to $270. The cost for an upper sim system, consisting of a complete upper assembly with a conversion bolt kit is approx $750. The sim system also requires the use of a complete lower from a firearm, if you add this cost of approx $350+ it increases the unit to $1100 and up. The T4E Walther PPQ LE Blue model will cost approx $220 and come with 2 magazines, a hard case and cleaning squeegee. Additional magazines are $45. The cost for a sim handgun conversion kit is approx $300. 


The ammo cost with CO2 will average between 5 to 8 1/2 cents a round fired. The ammo for the sim system is much more expensive between .65 cents and .80 cents a round. Sim systems also recommend the use of special body protection adding to their hassle and cost of training various law enforcement jobs. 


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