Why Train With Airsoft?

Training Replicas: The Airsoft Way


Airsoft Headquarters - Training Replicas division was formed to meet the challenging needs of Law Enforcement and Civilian Firearms Training.

The concept is simple, use 1:1 scale, fully functional Airsoft Replicas to train Force-on-Force like you never have before; it's safe and cost-effective. Airsoft Replicas are the only training tool that allow you to train weapon retention under real world scenarios. Whether the drill is one on one or in teams, you can train without risk of serious injury. Airsoft’s unique Non-Lethal platform allows point blank range engagement.

Airsoft Training Replicas mimic the majority of issue firearms. That list now includes GLOCK g17 & g19.

Featuring 1:1 scale replication, similar weight, grip and controls that mimic the functionality of their real steel counter-part. Airsoft Replica Weapons allow for a unique training tool that re-enforces muscle memory rather than degrading it through Unusual shapes, Un-Realistic weight and Weird Controls.

Airsoft Replicas are designed for limited budgets both Departmental and Personal. Airsoft Replicas can put a multi-faceted training system in an officers hands for under $200 COMPLETE !